Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Game Widow Book Download

Looking for a quick, cheap read? For the entire month of May 2009, the whole content of Game Widow will be free on Think of it as a one-author stimulus package for families with video game relationship stress + economy stress. Have you been curious, but not sure if Game Widow has anything in it you don’t already know – or anything helpful to offer? Have a free read to check it out. Is your gamer turning to video games more than usual to escape, to change moods, to kill time while waiting for employers to call (with good or bad news)? Change your own mood by turning to a free book. Have you been concerned that this is just an angry wife rant book? Now you can sneak a look what your spouse’s friends are reading – without being seen – for free.

One month only, so check it out now. Time does fly!

(Wendy Kays is the author of Game Widow...also inexpensively available in a handheld paper version with spiffy binding at your favorite online and offline booksellers.)

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